04 April 2018

Nivea Body Mousse

unbezahlte Werbung | PR Sample
Hello sweethearts!
Spring is finally here - well, at least in Germany! The sun is shining and the weather stopped being gloomy. I also bought tulips for the first time, it's such a pleasure to fill your house with flowers.
Today I would like to talk about the new Nivea Body Mousse. I was lucky enough to be sent two bottles of it and I'm in love with their wonderful smell that is perfect for spring!

Price: 3,99€ (200ml)

The body mousse comes in two versions: The pink one with Wild Raspberry and White Tea smell, the other one with Cucumber Touch and Matcha Tea smell. It's made for dry skin but I can recommend it for any type of skin because it's moisturizing and absorbs quickly.

The texture is quite nice: It's very light and airy and it only takes the skin a few seconds to absorb it. The mousse looks like tiny puffy clouds once it has left the bottle and it's a lot more fun using it than a normal body product. It also doesn't leave any greasy residue behind.

The smell is very intriguing and perfect for spring! I prefer the cucumber one because it's so fresh and light. The raspberry version smells also nice but the smell is a little stronger here. All in all I really enjoy using the body mousse!

What's your favorite body product?


  1. I totally have to buy a wild rapsberry one!

  2. Davon habe ich schon so viel gehört, aber ich habe das letzte Mal als ich in der Drogerie war total vergessen, dass ich danach mal Ausschau halten wollte! Muss ich beim nächsten Mal unbedingt dran denken! :-)

    Liebe Grüße, Cindy

  3. вот такое средство еще нигде не встречала

  4. Das Essen war auch absolut mega =)

    Ein toller Post =) Ich darf auch testen, vor allem Himbeere riecht so toll *-* Werde auch bald meine Testberichte verbloggen.

  5. I love Nivea products!! Have a good day

  6. Hallo Liana,

    gesehen ja, aber probiert noch nicht ;) da muss ich doch mal schauen!
    LG Katrin

  7. I'm sure those nivea body mousse smells delicious >3

  8. Kannte ich noch garnicht, klingt alles sehr ansprechend. LG Romy

  9. Da werde ich mal Ausschau beim nächsten Einkauf halten
    Liebe Grüße Leane

  10. Very Great i use this.

  11. wild raspberry White Tea klingt schon wegen dem Duft ganz interessant *-*

    Lieber Gruß ♥