21 February 2018

Wishlist FashionMia

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Hello sweethearts,
spring is finally coming so it's time to update our wardrobe! Today I would like to introduce the FashionMia online store to you where you can find tons of beautiful clothes for reasonable prices. The pieces are really colorful and have many interesting designs, so here comes my wishlist.

First of all I took a look at womens trench coats and boy, do they have a wide selection!

This cute trench coat is available in 3 colors and I absolutely love the red and blue one! You can also choose from many sizes - from S to 4XL. The price is currently at 27,79€ - you can find the coat *here*

I also like this trench coat that has a cute bow in the back! The lace at the bottom is also very beautiful. The price is currently at 31,63€ and you can find it *here*

I also took a look at womens spring blazers and here are my favorites!

The blazer comes in 3 colors and I'm in love with the green one! It sure is an eye catcher. The price is currently at 25,87€ and you can find it *here*

This blazer is very cute and I think it would look great with a black party dress. The price is currently at 31,63€ and you can find it *here*

What do you think about my selection?


  1. Trench coats with lace are very cute! :)

  2. Hi! But how beautiful they are! I like them very much!

  3. The first coat looks amazing, no matter if it's red or blue - it looks nice :)

  4. I love coats and blazers :) I definately need more of those in my wardrobe ;)

  5. I love the yellow blazer, it's so pretty! :)

  6. Oh I love it the last blazer darling

  7. Great selection

    Have a nice day! :)

  8. Alle farbe ist sehr schön.
    İch wünsche Dir einen schönen Tag Liebe Grüße İnci

  9. Der rote Blazer gefällt mir sehr gut. Vor allem mit der Spitze unten. Und danke für deinen Kommentar, ich wünsche dir auch viel Erfolg bei der Teilnahme :)

    Liebe Grüße