08 May 2018

Balea Bodypeeling Icy Berry

unbezahlte Werbung, da Markennennung
Hallo ihr Lieben,
bei einem Spaziergang durch meinen dm habe ich ein paar neue Produkte von Balea entdeckt, darunter ein Bodypeeling. Und als ich an dem Tester geschnuppert habe, war ich hin und weg - so einem herrlichen Duft bin ich bisher noch nie begegnet!! Also habe ich mir das Peeling gekauft und bin immer noch schwer begeistert.

Preis: 1,45€ | 100ml

Ich glaube ich muss gar nicht erst erwähnen, dass alleine die rosa Verpackung und das dadurch rosa schimmernde (aber in Wirklichkeit durchsichtige) Peeling einen Großteil zu meiner Begeisterung beigetragen hat *lach* Hach, aber was soll ich machen ich bin ein Verpackungsopfer. 
Das Peeling selbst besteht aus dem Salz aus dem Toten Meer und die Kristalle sind mittelgroß. Das Ganze schwimmt in einer Ladung Jojoba-Öl, sodass die Haut beim Peelen nicht ausgetrocknet wird und die Kristalle sanft über die Haut gleiten können. Ich persönlich habe die Erfahrung gemacht, dass ich dank des Öls meine Haut nach dem Bad nicht mehr eincremen muss, da sie ordentlich mit Feuchtigkeit versorgt wird.

Das Schönste an dem Ganzen ist jedoch der Duft: Es riecht wahnsinnig fruchtig und süßlich zugleich, so als ob man frische Beeren vor sich liegen hat. Einfach unbeschreiblich schön und sommerlich. In dem Döschen ist der Duft ziemlich stark, aber nach dem Peelen bleibt auf der Haut kaum etwas davon zurück. Wenn ihr die Möglichkeit habt, würde ich es definitiv empfehlen, im dm an einem Tester zu schnuppern!

Benutzt ihr gern Bodypeelings?

20 April 2018

My week in pictures

Belated birthday dinner with friends at my favorite steak restaurant 

|TV| Lost in Space on Netflix - it's a fairly new science fiction series and I enjoyed the 1st episode a lot!
|Books| I finished Abaddon's Gate (3rd book in the Expanse series, it's also on Netflix) and man, it was bad. Very disappointing.
|Music| have been listening to a chinese song called Xiao Xing Yun, it's amazingly beautiful 

Sping has finally arrived!!

|What I did| was working non-stop this week, doing nothing exciting I'm afraid
|Food| I was out for steak and Indian food, both were incredibly yummy!
|Drinks| tons of tea (fruit tea, black tea, green tea) and water 
|Thoughts| I did well in grabbing opportunities this week, I'm very proud of myself!
|What made me happy| flowers I received on my birthday 
|What made me angry| nothing. Now that I passed my exams I feel very happy and lighthearted.
|Hopes| I really really want to go on vacation this year, it's been a while since the last one. What places can you recommend?
|What I bought| some household items and new tea, I'm a tea addict!
|Sites I visited| instagram and youtube

I also made a new video and I would be very happy if you decide to watch it ♥

12 April 2018

Rival de Loop Young - Under the sea

unbezahlte Werbung | PR Sample
Hello sweethearts!
I know many of you are familiar with the German drugstore Rossmann and today I would like to talk about two items of their makeup brand Rival de Loop Young. They have released a new limited edition called Under the sea and I'm absolutely in love with their baked highlighter and mermaid brush!! Aren't they lovely? 

Price: 2,99€ for the highlighter | 3,49€ for the brush

The highlighter looks very interesting: It's a mix of bronze and a yellow-light blue-pink pattern. The particles are tiny and very shiny - if you want to take a closer look, please enlarge the next photo! I put a little bit of it on my finger. I think the highlighter is perfect for summer and would look great on sun kissed skin. You get very good quality for a small price.
The mermaid brush is also amazing!! Doesn't it look fantastic? The hair is very soft and doesn't fall out of the brush. But the best thing are the colors of the tail, I love the green-purple scales.

All in all I like these two items very much, they are my favorite from the whole limited edition. Especially the brush is awesome! I like beautiful shiny things ♥

How do you like this limited edition?

04 April 2018

Nivea Body Mousse

unbezahlte Werbung | PR Sample
Hello sweethearts!
Spring is finally here - well, at least in Germany! The sun is shining and the weather stopped being gloomy. I also bought tulips for the first time, it's such a pleasure to fill your house with flowers.
Today I would like to talk about the new Nivea Body Mousse. I was lucky enough to be sent two bottles of it and I'm in love with their wonderful smell that is perfect for spring!

Price: 3,99€ (200ml)

The body mousse comes in two versions: The pink one with Wild Raspberry and White Tea smell, the other one with Cucumber Touch and Matcha Tea smell. It's made for dry skin but I can recommend it for any type of skin because it's moisturizing and absorbs quickly.

The texture is quite nice: It's very light and airy and it only takes the skin a few seconds to absorb it. The mousse looks like tiny puffy clouds once it has left the bottle and it's a lot more fun using it than a normal body product. It also doesn't leave any greasy residue behind.

The smell is very intriguing and perfect for spring! I prefer the cucumber one because it's so fresh and light. The raspberry version smells also nice but the smell is a little stronger here. All in all I really enjoy using the body mousse!

What's your favorite body product?

29 March 2018

Yoins Wishlist

Werbung | Sponsored Post
Hello sweethearts!
Spring is finally here so it's time to update our wardrobe! Today I would like to introduce the Yoins online store to you where you can find beautiful clothes, shoes and bags for reasonable prices. I would like to show you my wishlist, please let me know what you think of the items!

They have a huge selection of party bags for women and my favorite is this cute backpack. It's also available in many different colors but the pink one is simply awesome in my opinion. You can find this backpack *here* - current price is 41,95 US$.

Another cute bag is this one with butterflies. It's perfect for spring and a beautiful eye-catcher. I really like the choice of colors, they suit each other. You can find it *here* for 27,95 US$.

The online store also has a big collection of womens sexy shoes. I totally love these ones! They are very colorful and cute. You can find them *here* for 47,95 US$.

Yoins also has a blog where they post about fashion - this post for example is about party dresses for women. And by the way: If you're a new customer you will get 10% off your first purchase.

How do you like the items on my wishlist?

26 March 2018

Udo Walz - Strong Chia Hair Perfector Serum

unbezahlte Werbung, da Markennennung (gewonnen)
Hello sweethearts!
Have you ever heard of the German hairdresser Udo Walz? He has many salons mainly in Berlin and he even released his own hair product line. I was lucky enough to win his hair serum in a competition and today I would like to talk about this product.

Price: 7,95€ (for 100 ml)

This serum with chia seeds helps to smooth your hair and gives it shine, hold and volume. You can massage into your lengths and ends, no matter if your hair is dry or wet. I have been using it for some time now and I must say that my hair looks a lot healthier than it used to be!

I also really love the smell! It smells very lemony and sweet, it reminds me of a yummy summer cocktail. Every time I put the serum in my hair it starts smelling so amazing! 

All in all I'm really enjoying this product: It absorbs quickly without making my hair look oily. The smell is great and I think that it really helps my fine and thin hair look more healthy. I also think that my hair has become a little stronger since I started using this serum. I'm very thankful that I was lucky enough to win this great product!

What products are you using for your hair?

11 March 2018

My week in pictures

|Gesehen| The Frankenstein Chronicles auf Netflix - es geht um einen Polizisten um 1800, der in London eine Leiche findet, die aus Einzelteilen von Kindern zusammengenäht wurde. Sehr gruselig, aber unglaublich spannend!
|Gelesen| war ehrlich gesagt zu faul um etwas zu lesen
|Gehört| Ich habe eine alte Playlist mit Walzern gehört
|Getan| hatte ein Gespräch mit einem meiner Professoren... War deswegen sehr gestresst. Es lief eigentlich ganz gut, aber trotzdem muss das nicht nochmal sein. Ansonsten habe ich die Woche viel gearbeitet.
|Gegessen| Shahi Paneer in meinem Lieblingsrestaurant, Pizza, Chips und noch mehr ungesundes Zeug
|Getrunken| grünen und schwarzen Tee
|Gedacht| Habe diese Woche ein paar tolle Chancen verpasst... Versuche aber nicht allzu traurig deswegen zu sein. 
|Gefreut| über die Blumen, die ich zum Weltfrauentag bekommen habe 
|Geärgert| hab meine letzte Prüfung versemmelt... jetzt muss ich sie Ende März nochmal schreiben.
|Gewünscht| dass ich die Prüfung bestehe und endlich meinen Urlaub planen kann
|Gekauft| meine Mama hat mir zum Weltfrauentag ein Kleid geschenkt! Kann's kaum erwarten es im Frühling zu tragen
|Geklickt| instagram und youtube

xXx English Version

|TV| The Frankenstein Chronicles on Netflix - it's about a police officer in the 1800s who finds a body made up of body parts of missing children. This series is very good!
|Books| I was too lazy to read a book
|Music| I listened to my favorite waltzes, one of them is Waltz No. 2 by Dmitri Shostakovich
|What I did| was quite stressed because I had to go to university to have a talk with one of my professors... It was okay but I'd rather never do it again haha. I also worked a lot this week
|Food| I ate my favorite Shahi Paneer, pizza, chips and many other sinful things
|Drinks| tons of black and green tea
|Thoughts| I missed some great oppurtunities this week... Sometimes it's very hard to put that behind you and convince yourself that other great things are still to come
|What made me happy| flowers I received on Women's day 
|What made me angry| that I failed an exam... Not I have to retake it in the end of March.
|Hopes| I hope that I will pass the exam and can finally start planning my vacation.
|What I bought| my mom bought me a dress as a gift for Women's day! Now I can't wait for spring to arrive so I can wear it
|Sites I visited| instagram and youtube

I also made a new video and I would be very happy if you decide to watch it ♥